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WaterJet Cutting Steel

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Waterjet cutting is one of Prototype Hubs CNC cutting processes. CNC waterjet cutting uses extremely high pressure water, with sand or a cutting medium, to cut through varying thicknesses of materials for prototypes, one-offs, and industrial applications with the aid of a computer controlled gantry system. Waterjet cutting is more precise when compared to CNC plasma cutting and does not have a heat affected zone (HAZ) near the cutting edge like plasma or laser cutting.

Prototype Hubs Manufacturing Partners offer waterjet cutting services that can cut materials such as: low carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, UHMW, Polycarbonate, and ABS. For orders with large quantity production runs, please see our CNC laser cutting services.

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Waterjet Cutting Materials

CNC Waterjet Cutting Materials Available at Prototype Hubs:

Aluminum 5052
Low Carbon Steel
Aluminum 6061
A36 Steel
Stainless Steel 304

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Waterjet Cutting Applications

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Waterjet cutting is a slow but efficient way to cut through thick plate materials. Because of the slow cutting speeds, CNC waterjet cutting is often used for one-off parts, small batch production runs, and creating material blanks to save on CNC machining time. Waterjet cutters are capable of cutting through various thicknesses of materials, even up to 12 inches thick. Waterjets are great at creating complex high quality parts. 

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