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Prototype Hubs is an online global platform that connects Clients in need of custom 3D printing, CNC machining, and CNC cutting services to Manufacturing Partners. Prototype Hubs is the ONLY web-based platform that lets manufacturers list their services at their own pricing and communicate directly with Clients.

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Manufacturing Partner Benefits

Qualified Leads for Less Money

Qualified Leads for Less Money

Increase your qualified sales leads without spending additional money on advertising that may not be effective.

Instant Quotes & Competitive Pricing

No More Time Consuming Quotes

Prototype Hubs provides Clients with instant, automated quotes so that Manufacturing Partners can save time and produce more.

More Revenue Putting Your Machine to Use

More Revenue Putting Your Machine to Use

Increase the revenue of your machinery by acquiring more projects in a shorter time span.

Direct Communication and Secure Transactions

Direct Communication and Secure Transactions

Manufacturing Partners are protected with direct Client communication and a secure online transaction process.

Become a Manufacturing Partner

Join the online global platform as a Manufacturing Partner and start connecting with new Clients.

Machine Requirements

Sign up with any 3D printing, CNC milling, or CNC cutting machine that you own.

How to Get Started

Create a Manufacturing Partner account and complete a Prototype Hubs production test to become a qualified partner.

Online Support

Our online knowledge base provides access to helpful articles to help keep you up and running.

Common Questions

Sign up to become a trusted Manufacturing Partner. Once you signed up, you will be able to access your dashboard to enter all of your profile, machine, and material pricing information. After successfully completing a small Prototype Hubs test object, you will be able to start production for your Clients.

Once you have signed up to be a Manufacturing Partner, you can access the Manufacturing Partner Knowledge Base where you will be able to find helpful information on setting up and running your account. If you still have specific questions that you cannot find the answers to, you can always send us an email at:

Because we have designed our software to work with any machine, you can find a machine that works well with you. Our software is not machine-dependent and does not rely on specific machine manufacturer data. If you are looking to become a Manufacturing Partner to offer your services, you can sign up with whatever machine fits your budget and skill level or whatever machine(s) you may already have.

Join a Growing Network of Trusted Manufacturing Partners

Gain new customers and increase revenue by becoming a verified Prototype Hubs Manufacturing Partner.

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