White Label Automation Software

ManufactureOS™ automates your digital manufacturing process so that you can spend more time making money and less time answering emails & sourcing new customers.

Job Shop Software

Artificially Intelligent manufacturing software that helps you win more jobs, secure more customers, and increase your profitability. Simple setup, integration, and on-demand support.

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Grow Your Manufacturing Business

Job Shop Manufacturing Software

Having worked in the manufacturing industry, we understand what it takes to run a job shop. With customers now sourcing parts online, your ability to provide an unbeatable customer experience is now more important then ever before. ManufactureOS™ is trusted by jobs shop manufacturers in over 15 different countries with industries ranging from automotive to aerospace. Book a live demo with one of our team members today or ask us your questions through our live chat!


Automated Self-Hosted Quoting

Your custom automated quoting plugin seamlessly integrates into your existing website.  You can also use a dedicated URL to direct traffic to your company branded quoting landing page. 

Manufacturing Partner Branding

White Label Software with Your Branding

As a fully white label service, you can promote your brand and organization to customers. Invoices, billing, and quoting pages all include your logo and branding.

Capture Potential Customer Information

Choose what information you want to capture from potential customer leads. This allows you to streamline your inbound marketing strategy and turn leads directly into prospects.

Customer Lead Information

Automated Payments and Billing

There is no need to manually send out an invoice & collect payment with ManufactureOS™. Our fully automated solution handles all payments, billing, and invoices.

Upgrade Your Manufacturing Process

With quarterly, annual, and commission based plans, we have a plan that will fit your needs. Talk to one of our sales representatives to find out which plan is right for you.

Want to learn how ManufactureOS™ automation software can work for your business? Book a free demo with one of our sale representatives today.