Find a 3D printing or CNC cutting manufacturer to help bring your ideas to life.

Bringing the World of Manufacturing to Your Doorstep

Requesting a quote and interacting with multiple manufacturers can be a slow and frustrating experience. We have developed this web-based platform to automate and simplify the process so that Clients can easily find a Manufacturing Partner that meets their requirements.

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What is Prototype Hubs?

Prototype Hubs is an online marketplace that connects Clients looking for 3D printing and CNC cutting services to a global network of Manufacturing Partners. We help you bring your ideas to life. Whether it's rapid prototyping or creating automotive parts, custom jewelry, or D&D characters, you will find a trusted Manufacturing Partner that fits your needs with the added convenience of online ordering.

Network of Global & Local Manufacturers

Network of Global & Local Manufacturers

Choose a Manufacturing Partner from across the globe or within your city.

Instant Quotes & Competitive Pricing

Instant Quotes & Competitive Pricing

Prototype Hubs is an online marketplace with instant quotes and hundreds of offers.

Secure Transactions & Protected Uploads

Secure Transactions & Protected Uploads

We guarantee your transactions are secure and your uploaded designs remain protected.

On Demand Manufacturing Services

3D Printing

3D Printing

Choose from a global network of manufacturers for any 3D plastic or 3D metal printing project.

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CNC Cutting

CNC Cutting

Select a Manufacturing Partner to help with your CNC plasma, laser, or waterjet cutting project.

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How It Works

Getting started is simple with our easy 3 step process:


Upload your files and get an instant quote.


Choose a Manufacturing Partner that meets your needs.


Arrange pickup or delivery right to your doorstep.

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Attract new customers and increase revenue by becoming a trusted Manufacturing Partner.

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