Step 1 – Complete Profile

Completing your Public Profile with the correct information is the very first step in becoming a Prototype Hubs Manufacturing Partner.

A.) To complete the General Information of your Public Profile, please add the following:

  • Logo (Recommended Size: 200 X 200)
  • Banner Image (Recommended Size: 1500 X 200)
  • Location – Your Address will not be publicly displayed.
  • Company Description
  • List Of Services
  • Year Your Business Started
  • Shipping Options Provided

Once you have completed your General Information please click save.

B.) If you have any certifications (ISO, ITAR, etc.), please select which certifications you currently hold in the Certifications section and click save.

C.) You can add photos to your Public Profile in the Gallery section. Please add a Title and Caption to each photo that you have uploaded.

D.) For upgraded Manufacturing Partners, please add your social media links and set your custom URL handle in the Links section.